The TradeStart network is a team of 35 experienced export advisers across Australia who provide practical export advice to businesses to start or grow their international markets.  The network is an extension to Austrade’s own offices and is co-funded and delivered in partnership with State, Territory and local governments, industry associations and chambers of commerce.

Treeti Business Consulting (TREETI) partners with Austrade in Darwin to deliver Austrade services to businesses in the Northern Territory.

The TradeStart network’s prime objective is to assist small and medium sized exporters to achieve long term success in international markets. It offers exporters the combined resources of Austrade and each partner organisation, providing local assistance and a direct link to Austrade’s services and overseas network.

Austrade services include practical advice and general information on:

  • ​doing business in overseas markets, including market entry strategies
  • ​general international marketing and promotional advice
  • ​international industry insights
  • ​referrals to specialist professional service providers in Australia and overseas
  • ​business etiquette and cultural tips
  • ​selecting potential export markets for your product or service
  • ​upcoming overseas promotions such as trade missions
  • ​potential financial assistance and other government programs.

Tailored services

Working together with Austrade’s overseas offices, the TradeStart network offers five key services that are customised for your business and your specific needs.

  • ​Market or country research
  • ​Potential partner and customer identification
  • ​Appointments during your market visit
  • ​Market promotions
  • ​Austrade follow-up to initial introductions

These tailored services are offered through Austrade’s overseas offices on a fee for service basis. In established markets, such as North America and Europe, we may refer you to other organisations that can help you.

​Financial assistance for exporters

​The Export Market Development Grants scheme is a key Australian Government financial reimbursement program for current and aspiring exporters. The scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products, including inbound tourism and the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia. For more information go to www.austrade.gov.au/exportgrants

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