Entrepreneur of the Month – Dec 19


Our entrepreneur of the month is Rachel Jakobi. 
Rachel Jakobi is a relationship coach. She will guide you in creating extraordinary relationships with your spouse, your children, and the most significant relationship in your life - the one you have with yourself.
As Rachel says, just as the trees have a relationship with the soil and the water and the air, just as a community of ants have a relationship with the earth and with each other, we have relationships that are integral to our lives. If we can acknowledge this and make these relationships the best that we possibly can, we thrive. We feel safe, loved, connected, needed and significant. And when we feel this way, we are inspired to be the best that we can be, to believe in ourselves and fulfil our dreams. Why settle for anything less than extraordinary?
Rachel is also a founder of the NT Health and Healing movement, which is a platform designed to bridge clients with complementary and alternative health care practitioners in the Northern Territory. 
For more information on Rachel's business, head to her website here - https://www.racheljakobi.com/

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