Business Consulting for SME’s

At Treeti Business Consulting we specialise in implementation for growth and  turnaround work for small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) around Australia.

We tailor planning sessions to individual business needs and challenges followed up by weekly visits and monthly reviews to ensure we are hitting milestones and addressing opportunities and challenges as they come to hand. Implementation is the key to success and we deliver solutions and support the business owners and their team to realise the key objectives.

Some examples of what this might look like?

  • creating the business strategy
  • create objectives for the business, short term and long term
  • guide and assist to reach goals and targets within set schedules
  • designing systems, policies and procedures and generating documentation to back up those systems
  • roll our sleeves up and get on the ground with the business owner/ team to roll out (implement) those systems, policies and procedures
  • focusing on overarching objectives while supporting the business to deal with day to day operational crisis and challenges
  • supporting individuals with time management and daily planning
  • delivering cultural workshops and specific topic workshops tailored to the team and business

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