At Treeti Business Consulting we are strategy and implementation specialists committed to delivering on infrastructure for growth and profit in your business.  We provide support to owners, directors, managers and staff with a range of services from leadership and management training all the way through to on the ground administrative and operational support. We conduct thorough planning sessions and needs analysis to determine the scope of works followed up by monthly reviews to ensure we are hitting milestones and addressing opportunities and challenges as they come to hand.

Outcomes are our main goal and we are here to support you and your team so you can achieve maximum output financially with capability. Addressing workplace culture is also a key strength of ours, having transformed many workplace organisations, we can help your workplace achieve a harmonious work environment.  Treeti also has access to a selection of highly trained specialists in many facets of business meaning that we can support you with any of your business needs.

Our strong management background in tourism, public relations, sales, 5 star hotels, RTO’s and group training organisations and SME ownership will ensure that you receive the highest quality customer service and support throughout your journey to strengthen and grow your business.

Our Goals are to:

  • Ensure the success and profitability of small business owners
  • Support the business community
  • Create professional development standards for the SME sector
  • Implement infrastructure for sustainable growth including succession planning
  • Reduce stress levels for business owners
  • Provide entrepreneurial and managerial support for teams
  • Facilitate business education for business owners

It is essential that you prepare yourself to look open and honestly into your business, to be strategic, critical and objective. It is not uncommon for business owners and manages to discover new things about their operations or have new insights and understanding for the output and performance of their staff and team as a whole. Sometimes what you uncover can be surprising, shocking, rewarding, interesting and motivating. Engaging a management consultant and business coach can be one of the most important investments you can make on behalf of yourself, your staff and your business. Please call today to see how we can best support you! 08 8967 1788

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